Latest Nail Trends 2013

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Beauty Care for Women: Latest Nail Trends 2013

beautyofwoman‘s insight:

In order to enjoy and express your latest nail trends it is very essential that you have done a proper manicure, so that your hands look clean and beautiful to adorn the new nail color.
Glittery Metallic Nail Color: these are gorgeous nail colors. These are the hot favourite of all fashion shows and surely will continue tGlitteryo remain so in the coming months too. They work the best for you if you want to match them with your latest jewellery color and designs.

Greige/Mushroom/Taupe Nail Color: One of the finest nail colour which is gaining in popularity. They appear to be universal colors with a bit of flattery ! The good aspect is that they tend to go on with any outfit you wear. They work the best for…

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