Guide To Making Your Own Beauty Products:

If you wish to make your own beauty products but do not know how to, here is help. Not only will these products be natural, holistic and organic, you will benefit from them also and not have to spend a fortune on buying them from big stores.

Bath Salt

Salts And Scrubs:Mix equal amounts of baking soda and Epsom salts together and then scent with a few drops of essential oil. With so many fragrances available, the variety of bath salts you can create are endless. Don’t throw away lime peels. Dry them (not in the sun) and powder. Mix 3 tbsp of this powder with 5 tbsp of wheat bran or oatmeal. In a jar, pour quarter cup of olive oil, 4 tbsp honey and the oat and orange peel mix. The honey will settle at the bottom, the…

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