About us

Hello gals, thanks for visiting my blog Beauty Care for Women.

I am a journalist by profession and a beauty addict. Trying different cosmetics, following a proper skin care routine has always been my hobby and now I have developed this blog because I wanted to share beauty tips and advices with girls who like me are passionate about their skin, hair and of course their body. Of course, who doesn’t want to look beautiful and receive accolades and attention. Well I too fall in the same line and hence this blog is specifically intended to share with you all everything related with beauty- the skin care, hair care, makeup, beauty products and much more.

And yes don’t forget to check out the Beauty Buzz section which will surely delight you and inform you of the best and worst in beauty care.

Thanks again, for visiting my blog, hope you liked it. Feel free to leave your comments because your feedback is of immense value to me, It would be my honour to listen from you all.

Have a great and beautiful day!!

Do visit me again

Luv u all


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Have you ever written a one hour presentation on hair, nails or skin care? My writer has 3 autistic children and she has decided to stop writing for a while to work on family issues.

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